Event Information

Event Entry

This event is restricted to individuals aged 18 and above ONLY.


Tickets can be purchased through SISTIC & Pelago*. Tickets are only for admission to the Walker World Asia Tour PT.1 Singapore concert. Please do not purchase tickets from any other parties not mentioned on these platforms. The promoter holds no responsibility for any form of ticket fraud arising from purchases made elsewhere.
*Not applicable to any promotional codes.

Free Standing / Seating Terms

The floorplan shown is not drawn to scale (if applicable).
Indicated locations are for visual purposes only. Actual location/size may slightly differ.

Food & Alcohol Consumption

❑  Strictly no outside food and drinks to be brought in and out of the venue (including water and alcohol)
❑  All alcohol to be consumed within the venue ground (Event Hall 3 & 4A).

The following items are not permitted at the event and will result in ejection from the venue:

❑  Non-authorized professional recording equipment (professional cameras, video recording devices, and audio recording devices, including 'GoPro' style devices and tablets), for unauthorized individuals/journalists without accredited badges.

❑  Liquids, alcohol, cigarettes, and prohibited substances, including outside food and drink within the premises.

❑  Pyrotechnic items or explosives, including fireworks, candles, lighters. Flammable materials including alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, pressurized cologne.

❑  Dangerous or potentially hazardous objects, including but not limited to sports items, weapons, knives, guns, laser devices, iron bars, wooden bars, sharp objects or materials, helmets, metal/plastic knuckles, self-defense spray (tear, pepper-spray), stun guns or any electric shock devices.

❑  Any suspicious casual objects that can be used as a weapon or projectile, including tools, chemicals, suspicious powder, umbrellas, selfie sticks, and other poles or tripods.